Your decision to wed is an important one that requires careful preparation. No decision in your life will bring you as much fulfillment as choosing your life's partner. While couples very often concentrate on the wedding day itself, it is more important to realize that a wedding is only a day, a marriage is for a lifetime. 

Therefore, the Church is intent on following procedures which are aimed at helping your decision reach fruition. Too many well intentioned couples have their life's dreams end in unfortunate separation. While no preparation will prevent the many painful divorces that do occur in our society, the well-considered steps expected in our Church are directed towards helping you, the couple, get off to a good start. Anappointment with the priest should be made at least one year prior to the wedding. This will allow sufficient time for adequate pastoral preparation. A final date for the wedding should not be set until a preliminary meeting with the priest is completed. Weddings are normally scheduled on Saturdays at 12:00pm or 3:00pm. If you need a different or day, you will need to discuss this with the priest.

There is a mandatory pre-marriage course for engaged couples, and the class schedule can be obtained during the meeting.  Call 416-759-9359 to book an appointment with a priest.  

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Owing to the pandemic, there are no in-person classes.  The course is available online through Catholic Family Services.  Pertinent information is placed below, should you get any queries:

  • Select "Our programs & services" (one of five blue horizontal headers)
  • Under Services we offer in the column on the left, select "Marriage Preparation & Family Life"
  • Click on the link in the "MARRIAGE PREPARATION" paragraph  to register for the online Marriage Preparation Course